Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13

Well, hope your new week's going be 105 here today...whew !

Just got thru writing a letter to eBay auction's management team. They've just doubled what it costs us to sell something...and my "ire" (what's that short for ? "irish" ?) got to's what I told them: (guess when your temp is 105, anything goes)....

Well, I am only one...I know that...and a very insignificant one, at that.But, when you say:"new pricing structure"and then I find that it's almost DOUBLE what it used to be, in this recession...declining problems world wide...I am thinking EBay is trying to get rich at the expense of us "slobs" out here who are using your auction. Am I wrong ?Were I you, I would be ashamed. Yes, you enjoy the luxury of being "the only one" right now...but, eventually, you will have priced yourself out of the market...mark my words. Too had a good thing going...friends, you fellows won't last long charging nearly 10% to sell something...then, making a good fortune on your PayPal charges to boot...shame, shame.I feel sorry for you, along with AIG, and the myriads of other companies who somehow "didn't quite think it out"...just grabbed all you could get...& forgot the little man who's made you so "great". Enjoy.Leslie Smith